Cotton and Tencel® together for a new extraordinary signature fabric Giemme.

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A sensational product

Thanks to its ongoing experimentation and research into materials to find original creative and technical solutions, Giemme is one of the first textiles producers in the world to launch a product that gives cotton a new dimension by combining it with Tencel®. A highly innovative fabric that boasts all of the advantages of Tencel® while adding the only ingredient that was previously missing: the naturalness of cotton.


Breathing new life into traditional cotton fabric by giving it a new edge, but without using synthetic fibres. Prioritising the development of product used for underwear. These are the concepts behind the new Giemme fabric. A combination that enriches cotton with the extraordinary qualities of Tencel®, maintaining the naturalness of the fabric and accentuating its hand.


Tencel® is a 100% natural fibre made by processing the cellulose extracted from the Eucalyptus tree, and guarantees extraordinary quality and performance compared with other synthetic and natural fabrics, ensuring the ideal conditions for the skin.

  • it absorbs and immediately releases excess water.
  • it prevents the formation of bacteria.
  • it eliminates humidity.
  • it does not irritate the skin.
  • it guarantees the ideal temperature for the skin.