Finessence: extreme gauges, smooth, top quality.

A major new family of knitted fabrics from Giemme Tessuti. Finessence: a new range of fabrics whose extreme fineness enhances the qualities of MicroModal®AIR, Ultrafine Cotton, MicroTencel®, Cupro and Polyamide Microfiber.

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The new frontier of fineness.
An ultra-thin yarn. A machine that produces extreme gauges. Fine details, maximum precision. From a combination of cutting-edge technology and the creative processing of excellent raw materials comes Finessence, the new Giemme family of fabrics.A blend of incredible fineness, superior quality and amazing softness that makes Giemme one of Europe’s leading producers of knitwear fabrics .
Finessence reflects our long-standing quest for innovation through the ongoing search for the finest raw materials and their transformation into original and remarkable fabrics using the most advanced technological processes.